I got off of the subway this morning and my phone was vibrating with a picture message of myself 13 years ago awaiting my grandmother at Barneys New York in a very green outfit.  The WWD with me on the cover had resurfaced at our office, and my Paper teammates decided it would make for a perfect “Throwback Thursday” image for Instagram. I shudder a little at my 26-year-old self’s idea of style – I think this look falls more in line with my 4 year old’s clothing choices then what I wear now.

    Bad styling aside, the timing of that photograph marks two significant moments in my life:

    1. I met my future husband two days after that trip to Barneys at a New Years Eve party in the dress my grandmother bought me that day

     2. We launched Paper one week after I walked by a newsstand and saw my face staring back at me