So many people have asked me over this past year about why now? Why re-launch paperdenim&cloth when the market is saturated with premium denim lines? Before answering the question I first think back on the year 1999 when I had that intuition about the wide-open space in the contemporary market for luxury blue jeans. 

    It all began with my own relentless search for the perfect pair: that slim Levi’s 501-esque fit (adjusted of course for my curves, guys jeans really only fit skinny model bodies) with vintage inspired washes. I loved the richness of the Italian made Helmut Lang wash – it was a luxe version of a vintage Levi that you might find at Cheap Jacks in the village. I rarely wore them though because they made my butt look flat. I purchased a pair of Earls that sadly replaced great finish (denim industry word for wash) for a fit that made me feel sexy and current. I spent one night in my then very “hipster” single girl apartment with my roommate discussing my frustration that I couldn’t marry my favorite fitting Earl jeans to my Helmuts and produce the perfect pair. That night was my light bulb moment. 

    Jump 12 years …

    The premium denim market has grown into a full-fledged novelty driven trend machine; and once again, I can’t find the perfect pair.  I have always, in the back of my head, wanted to revitalize the brand and grow it to its potential. And in August 2011 the light bulb went off again.  The authenticity of the American blue jean had gotten lost in a sea of color and print. Not only did I see a niche for clean, understated timeless blue jeans but also why not a whole collection of elevated basics?  We never fully realized the cloth piece of our name, and this had always been a part of the plan. As a 38-year-old woman I know that style is personal and that clothes should reflect how we feel and who we are. A great collection is a vehicle for self-expression, and we are re-launching paper for those who desire a modern simplicity in their lives.